‘The plural of disciple is church’

Mathetes is the New Testament word for ‘disciple’, and The Mathetes Trust exists to help
promote a culture of discipleship and disciple-making within the local church.
Learning to love God and love one another
Learning to live as Jesus lived
Learning to pray as Jesus prayed
Learning to minister to others in the power of the Spirit
Learning to proclaim the gospel in word and deed




ROOTED IN JESUS: We organise conferences and training events and provide ongoing support to Anglican dioceses and other denominational groupings in Africa through our Rooted in Jesus discipleship programme.




EQUIP: We provide support and mentoring for church leaders in the UK
through our EQUIP programme. EQUIP groups meet regionally and focus on
how to make disciples in and through the local church.
MINISTRY TO LOCAL CHURCHES: We support local churches in key areas
of ministry and mission – check out the links on the right.




We publish and distribute books on key topics of Christian life and ministry.
To see a list of our publications click on the cover.
The Mathetes Trust is a registered UK charity.
We seek to advance Christian discipleship through training, support
and provision of resource materials to churches, church leaders and
church members in the UK, Africa and elsewhere in the world.

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