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 What Happens When We Die? – Alison Morgan

Death comes to us all – but what happens after that? Forced to face up to the inevitability of death, Alison Morgan decided to take a critical look at all the views on offer. Now available in digital format, this book offers a clear account of her journey and helps us to form our own conclusions on this most difficult of questions.
 Starting with ancient ideas on death and the afterlife, the book explores the teaching of the major world religions, considers near-death, psychic and paranormal experiences, and examines the case for reincarnation. The strengths of the various religious claims are then tested by reference to the character of the prophets of each tradition, and this is followed by an objective summary of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Alison, who had begun her journey as an atheist, brings everything together by sharing her decision to place her faith in the Christian hope – it is, she concludes, the only one which seems to stand up to rigorous examination.
Originally published in both English and Chinese, What Happens When We Die? has helped thousands of people to find a new and life-changing confidence as they face up to the reality of death. This new digital edition is published by The Mathetes Trust, January 2021. Delivered as an ebook, compatible with any standard ebook reader. Also availalble in paperback or on kindle from Amazon.
For a Church of England newspaper review click here.
Ebook Price £5
Paperback and kindle editions

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Something Understood: Poems for Reflection and Meditation – edited by Alison Morgan

A sequel to the earlier collection Distilling Life, this new anthology is designed to provide a starting point for reflection on some of the big questions of life – things we often avoid talking about, or for which we can’t quite find the words. It is arranged in five thematic sections: Seeing, Living, Loving, Trusting and Dying. Each section contains about twenty poems or pieces of prose, and each includes contributions from a wide range of authors, both historical and contemporary. Some of the poems are well known; others are published here for the first time. Designed to be used for personal reflection, in poetry groups, or read aloud in larger gatherings, the book is beautifully illustrated throughout with high quality black and white photographs and drawings.
“Your lovely anthology came today, and it’s full of good things – it’s a handsome volume at an amazingly reasonable price. You range very generously over a wide field, and though there are old favourites there are some welcome introductions to new poets.” R V Bailey
“The volume looks very handsome, with excellent pagination and use of images. Congratulations, too, on the very interesting and personal choices.” Professor Patrick Boyde
“Congratulations on producing something so beautiful!” Anna Farago
“A wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring collection.” Stewart Henderson
Edited by Revd Dr Alison Morgan.
Published by The Mathetes Trust March 2017  – A5 format, 134 pp.
Preview on Google books here.
Price £5


Following Jesus: The Plural of Disciple is Church – Alison Morgan

“There seems to be a growing consensus around ‘Discipleship’ as the greatest challenge facing Christians in the West – and, as usual, Alison Morgan has not only identified the key issue but also provided a lucid and practical insight into what it means. I love her writing. Somehow she manages to combine substantial scholarship with highly personal reflection and down to earth illustration, so this book – like her previous work – is easy to read as well as intellectually and spiritually stimulating. If you are looking for something to excite people about Christian discipleship, this is it.” From the Foreword by James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle.
“Here is an ever-expanding vision of what it means to be disciples of Jesus. It is simply written but exciting and profoundly challenging – calling us to a deeper experience of God’s life and a more engaged participation in God’s mission. It is a call to rediscover discipleship in community. Such discipleship is sacrificial, world-changing and wonderfully fulfilling. Full of real life stories, it beckons us to abandon ourselves to God’s great story and thereby discover life in abundance.” Martin Breytenbach, Bishop of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa, and Chair of Growing the Church
“God has already used Alison Morgan’s inspired writing to touch very many lives. This wonderful new book addresses the question of discipleship, a crucial one for today’s church. She insightfully and engagingly elucidates what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and rightly insists that only as disciples together, as church, shall we be a truly effective part of God’s great mission to transform not just individuals but the whole creation in Christ.” John Inge, Bishop of Worcester
Published April 2015 – 300pp.
To find out more, read the forward or download a sample chapter click here.
To preview on Google books click here.
Ships internationally from the UK, or can be ordered direct within North America (Canada and US) from Tyndale Seminary bookstore here.
 Price £10
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Growing Younger: Welcoming families into the local church – Roger Morgan

For many local churches the big question is ‘how can we attract families to our church?’ Nationally child attendance is in decline, and the average age of our congregations is rising. This book is the result not just of Roger’s own experience in ministry but of wide-ranging consultation all over the UK, and it includes many stories from churches which have found the key to growth. Drawing on his previous background in management consultancy, Roger identifies a number of simple steps that can be taken by any church wishing to grow younger.
Published April 2015 – A5 format, 134pp
To preview on Google Books click here.
RRP £10, direct sale price £8.
The Word on the Wind: Renewing confidence in the gospel – Alison Morgan

With a foreword by Archbishop Rowan Williams. The Word on the Wind has received wide acclamation for its unique combination of clear thinking and real life stories. For more information click here and to read a Church Times review click here.
“I love the range of your thought and the sharp observations you make on contemporary culture, weaving in precise gospel insights and rich experience of Africa in particular” – Bishop John Pritchard, Oxford
“Alison Morgan’s writing is so winsome that it’s easy to be caught up in the beauty of what she’s saying before you realise she’s just smacked you between the eyes with a piece of two-by-four. This new book presents a deeply radical message in the most eloquent and seductive manner. You’ve been warned!” – Michael Frost, author of The Shaping of Things to Come
“The Word on the Wind is prayer that has been distilled by a powerful and poetic mind. Never abstract and never shallow, it brings the fountain-fresh water of the Spirit to an age that’s dry, and sick of dusty answers.” – Bishop Paul Bayes
To preview on Google books click here
Published 2011 – 368pp
Also available as an e-book, click here (US) or from Amazon on Kindle.
RRP £10, Direct sale price £6
Doing what Jesus did – A fresh look at the gifts of the Spirit – Alison Morgan

Doing what Jesus did takes a fresh look at the gifts of the Spirit, suggesting they  are best regarded as a description of the ministry of Jesus, to be welcomed not as feathers in the caps of individuals but as shared resources given to enable the mission and ministry of the church. With lots of illustrations and plenty of real life stories and testimonies, this is a welcome and readable introduction to a topic about which little has been written in recent years. It includes a Bible study for use in small groups.
“The best theologically rigorous study of the gifts of the Spirit that I have read. Especially because in this new book Alison Morgan, from long experience, includes sensible, practical advice on how to get going.” Preb John Collins
“Alison writes with her usual clarity and insight about the workd of the Holy Spirit, opening it up to us through the ministry of Jesus, building faith through many personal stories and correcting the misunderstandings that often surround this area of the Christian life. It will feed you and fan into flame the gifts within you” – Revd John McGinley
For more information click here
To preview on Google books click here.
To read a review click here.
Published December 2009 – A5 format, 86pp
Price £5.00
wg 09 back cover
 The Wild Gospel: Bringing truth to life – Alison Morgan

This highly original book shows that Jesus himself lived free from culturally imposed norms which can restrict our understanding of the truth. Alison looks at Church history, prophecy and culture, and draws the reader in through personal experiences. A fascinating, imaginative challenge to today’s church. Great commendations from a wide variety of people.
“A ground-breaking, exciting and moving book that could not be more timely as the Church looks for fresh ways of speaking God’s truth in and to our culture” – Archbishop Rowan Williams.
“An amazing book, offering an insightful analysis of two millennia of Western (and Christian) history, while addressing the needs of people in the 21st century. it offers a way of engaging with the Christian faith that is intellectually well-grounded and personally enriching” – Dr John Drane
“Inspiring and informative, unforgettable and unputdownable – a great book.  A clear mirror to our way of life, and a message of hope. I loved it.” – Rt Revd David Pytches
“The most exciting book I have read this year. Winsome and readable, this is a holistic book, bonding beauty and truth, experience and knowledge. It is a book about truth and renewal in every sense of those words – God’s own life in the heart of individuals and communities. Don’t miss it.” – Dr Michael Green
“This has to be one of the most stimulating, encouraging and challenging books I have ever read.  Though not usually given to superlatives, I find them tripping off the tongue as I attempt to describe an extraordinary tour de force.   There is a real sense of God speaking through Alison Morgan’s words, both to individuals and the Church. As well as being extremely well-written and readable, ‘The Wild Gospel’ displays a remarkable breadth of knowledge.  It is informative, thought-provoking and packed with memorable illustrations.  Alison Morgan thinks and writes in pictures and, through her own – often poetic – insights, she has no difficulty in persuading the reader that “it is as imagination pushes aside the boundaries of convention that the tide of decline will begin to turn”. James Newcome, Bishop of Penrith
For more information click here. To read a review click here.
Tpo preview on Google books click here.
For the Kindle edition and Amazon reviews click here. New: for a free study guide click here.
Published 2004, reprinted 2005 and 2009 – 349pp
Also available as an e-book, click here (US) or from Amazon on Kindle.
RRP £10.00, Direct sale price £6


Person The God Who Is There: A discipleship course for small groups

The God Who is There takes its inspiration from Rooted in Jesus, our acclaimed practical discipleship course for Africa, and is a response to the increasingly voiced need for simple, interactive and relational discipleship material for use in this country. The God Who is There is designed to help people get to know God in and through one another, so that faith becomes part of their daily lives. The series is in three parts: Beyond Ourselves, The New Community and Shining Like Stars. These may be used consecutively or independently. Training and support is available to those using or planning to use the course – please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.
For each part of the course there is a Leader’s Manual with detailed notes for the 10 sessions, and a Member’s Coursebook which offers practical midweek exercises for group members. The group leader may choose to ‘cherry pick’ exercises for members if they are not comfortable using printed materials themselves – which means that the course can be used with people of any educational background.
Each book offers 10 enjoyable, accessible and life-changing sessions
Interactive; sessions are based on group discussion and practical exercises
Not dependent on the personal charisma of a leader
Focussed on key verses of scripture
Includes prayer and, in books 2 and 3, worship
Includes a course member’s booklet with creative homework exercises
“I am using ‘The God Who is There’ material as a discipleship project in St. Lawrence, North Wingfield), where I am Team Rector.  I want to provide a way for people to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus which is thorough, interesting and which does not ‘soft sell’ the demands of discipleship.  I consider this material to be the discipleship course I have always wanted.  It combines Bible-based teaching and openness to the Holy Spirit with a creative approach to learning. I warmly commend this excellent material.” – Revd Colin Cooper
The God Who is There was written by Roger Morgan, working with a small team of contributors.  To find out more click here.
To read an independent review click here.
The God Who is There is endorsed by the Anglican Communion.
Sample set of all three leader’s manuals and three member’s coursebooks – Price £45
 To order or preview any of the three component courses see below.
Beyond Ourselves Manual cover 2018v2_Page_1

Beyond Ourselves Manual cover 2018v2_Page_4

Beyond Ourselves: A course which explores the wider meaning of our lives Roger Morgan

Designed to be accessible to those with no church background, Beyond Ourselves invites participants, Christian and not yet Christian, to discover together what it means to develop a living relationship with God. Topics covered include creation, suffering, life after death, the life and resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
“We have been blessed using this course with a very enthusiastic group. We have seen several people’s faith brought to life by studying God’s Word and encountering the Holy Spirit; we’ve seen a couple of people come to faith in Christ. The group is keen to stay together and keep going after Easter” – Revd Martin Cannam, Biddulph
“I was a bit unsure if the course was a bit basic or too close to Alpha. How wrong I was! All enjoyed it and found themselves quite inspired and re-energised. The course manuals are very helpful, and the leader’s manual is easy to follow. As a leader, the manual helped me direct our time together and helped in making the evening a time of fun where everyone felt they were included” – Revd Allan Marshall, St Michael’s, Edgemead
To find out more about Beyond Ourselves click here.
To read an independent review click here.
To see a sample session click here.
To preview the Leader’s Manual on Google Books click here.
To preview the member’s booklet on Google Books click here
Pack of 1 Leader’s manual & 10 member’s coursebooks – Price £40.00
Leader’s Manual – Price £8
Course member’s booklet – Price £4
Supplementary pack of 5 course member’s booklets – Price £15

NC Manual FlexPress back Cover

The New Community: Finding God when we meet together – Roger Morgan

The New Community is modelled on the discipleship patterns of the New Testament, where we see that being a disciple of Jesus is not an individual but a shared activity. This unique course enables participants to discover what it means to be part of a group of people who are seeking God in and through their relationships with one another. The course includes worship, facilitated through a specially commissioned CD by Phil Lawson Johnston.
“It started where they were. The material engaged them emotionally and experientially as much as at the knowledge level. This was really valuable. The biblical, creative and interactive exercises promoted enjoyable participation from people at different stages of their Christian faith” – Revd Stephen Coe, Holy Trinity, Wallington
To preview click here.
To read an independent review click here.
Pack of 1 Leader’s manual & 10 member’s coursebooks – Price £40.00
Leaders Manual with worship CD – Price £15
Member’s Coursebook – Price £4
Supplementary pack of 5 course member’s booklets – Price £15
Stars Manual cover 2019_Page_1

Stars Manual cover 2019_Page_4

Shining Like Stars: A course which helps Christians understand how God intends us to live in this world – Roger Morgan

Shining Like Stars is the third in our group discipleship series The God Who is There. It focusses on what it means to live as effective Christian disciples in the midst of the challenges of daily life, and its aim is to equip people to live with compassion and integrity as Christians in the community and in the workplace. The course includes worship, facilitated through a specially commissioned CD by Phil Lawson Johnston.
To preview click here.
To read an independent review click here.
Pack of 1 Leader’s manual & 10 member’s coursebooks – Price £40.00
Leaders Manual with worship CD – Price £15
Member’s Coursebook – Price £4
Supplementary pack of 5 course member’s booklets – Price £15
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Beautiful lives member's cover 2018_back

Beautiful Lives: Sharing our faith with friends and neighbours – Roger Morgan

Beautiful Lives is a group course by Roger Morgan which helps church members develop the confidence to share their faith naturally and effectively with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. 1 Peter 3.2-4 speaks of the beauty and reverence which should characterise our lives as Christians, and Roger believes that it is beautiful lives, lived in the power of the Holy Spirit, which lead others to faith.
The course is contained in a Leader’s Manual, with a separate group member’s booklet containing notes and simple homework exercises. It consists of 8 sessions, offered in a user friendly format with plenty of interaction and discussion, and points towards an accessible, locally planned invitation event to be held after the completion of the course.
“I think Beautiful Lives is a beautiful course, and I’m grateful to be introduced to the model, which brings together a number of ideas in a helpful way” – Steve Coneys, Mission & Growth Adviser, Diocese of Canterbury
Beautiful Lives is such an inspiring course. We have 14 members and the fellowship is tremendous. It’s a privilege to witness their growth. One young lady is so quiet and shy and yet over these last couple of weeks she’s found herself sharing her faith at work which has astounded her and impacted the group as she’s quietly shared her encounters” – Revd Denise Hayes, Litherland.
“Two groups completed the whole course, including the invitation event. 20 new people came to the two invitation events, of whom became Christians and remained part of the church two years later” – Carol Whittock, Pontesbury
To download a flyer click here
To read an independent review click here
To download a sample session click here.
To preview the Leader’s Manual on Google Books click here
To preview the Course Member’s Booklet on Google books click here.
Pack of 1 Leader’s manual & 10 member’s coursebooks – Price £36.00
Leaders Manual – Price £8
Member’s Coursebook – Price £3.50
Supplementary pack of 5 course member’s booklets – Price £15

In His Name coursebook cover 2017 back

In His Name: A training course for healing prayer teams – Alison Morgan and John Woolmer

Designed for use in churches wishing to begin or revive a healing ministry, In His Name is a deliberately hands-on course. Although it is careful to build a proper foundation in terms of both theology and good practice, the emphasis is on equipping the participants to engage in an active ministry of healing. Fully illustrated and containing ice-breakers, practical exercises, group prayer times and many real life stories of healing, In His Name is deliberately written to be easy to use. First published in 2008 and now on its third printing, it has been widely used in local churches and is the recommended course in a number of Anglican dioceses.
“Far and away the most balanced, informed, practical guide for church healing teams. The authors have seen much healing – physical, psychological and spiritual, and have the theological and biblical underpinning to ground it. The course is interactive, beautifully written and has been tested over ten years. Simply invaluable” – Canon Dr Michael Green
“Following on from the open evening we ran the ‘In His Name’ course and had over forty participants, which attracted participants from other local churches and was widely spoken of it as one of the best things St Paul’s had ever done” – Revd Chris Spittle, Skelmersdale, Lancashire
“I would like to pass on how grateful we are for the training course ‘In His Name’.  We presented it over eight weeks to our fairly inexperienced Prayer Ministry Team.  We felt it covered everything we needed to – and more.  We are a Methodist church and want to expand our prayer ministry – this course has been a great launch pad’ – Pat Oakley, Felbridge , West Sussex
For more information click here.
To preview on Google Books click here.
To find out how we can support you as you use this course please contact us.
Pack of 1 Leader’s Manual and 10 Course member’s booklets £40
Leader’s Manual £12
Course Member’s booklet £4
Pack of 5 Course member’s booklets £15

Lent course cover leader's manual 2016 back

Season of Renewal: A Lent course- Bill Goodman and Alison Morgan

Season of Renewal is our popular Lent course. Combining traditional elements with a fresh approach, it is ideal for groups and churches who want something a little different which will act as a stimulus for future growth. The course material is contained in a Leader’s Manual, with an accompanying Member’s Coursebook containing brief notes and a pattern of spiritual exercises to follow during the week between meetings.
“A group of about ten of us finished ‘Season of Renewal’ last night. It was unanimously agreed that it had been the most inspiring and helpful Lent course we had ever shared in” – Canon John Gunstone
“I am writing to thank you for the Lent course for Season of Renewal.  It has been a Spirit led change  in my group of Mothers’ Union ladies. Last year my vicar suggested it for our Lent study when I asked for suggestions. Because there was so much in it, we repeated it again this year. We ended up with four groups in the Church doing the course over Lent this year. I think most people from teenagers to the elderly felt there was something in it for them. Today we had a Renewal of Baptism vows in the morning Service and had 18 people rededicating their lives to the Lord. – Pat White, St. Saviours Church, High Green, Sheffield
“Our five Lent Fellowship Groups have all responded enthusiastically to Season of Renewal. It is wonderful to have a course which is “Into God” rather than “About God” – Revd Matthew Grayshon
Click here for more information on the Lent course, or to download a flyer click here. To preview click here.
To download a sample session click here.
To preview on Google books click here.
Pack of 1 Leader’s Manual and 10 Course member’s booklets £36
Leader’s Manual £7
Course Member’s booklet £4
Pack of 5 Course member’s booklets £15
Rooted in Jesus

Rooted in Jesus Junior 3

Rooted in Jesus: A practical discipleship course for Africa 

Rooted in Jesus is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in Africa. It is the only material of its kind written especially for the use of ordinary African Christians, rather than translated from material developed for the West – where people face different problems and challenges in their Christian lives. It exists in two formats: a 2 year course for adults, and a specially adapted Junior version for use  in Sunday Schools. Rooted in Jesus was conceived in conversation between Roger & Alison Morgan and Stanley Hotay, and edited by Alison Morgan, working with a team of contributors.
Rooted in Jesus is normally introduced to a whole diocese or area, at the invitation of the bishop or denominational leader, by a team of ministers from the UK and Africa. It is not normally used in the UK (though it has been used with small groups of people from African or similar contexts) – our companion course The God Who is There is designed for use in urban and Western contexts.
To preview Book 1 of Rooted in Jesus on Google books click here.
To preview Book 1 of Rooted in Jesus Junior on Google books click here.
If you would like to purchase a sample set of Rooted in Jesus you can do so here.
Rooted in Jesus Pack (Introductory Guide and 4 Leader’s books) Price £30
Rooted in Jesus Junior Pack (6 Leader’s books) Price £30
RinJ Team Manual cover 2019_Page_1

RinJ Junior Team Manual cover 2017

Rooted in Jesus Team Manuals – Alison Morgan

We also publish Team Manuals for both Rooted in Jesus and Rooted in Jesus Junior. Each manual  includes an introduction to the Rooted in Jesus programme, its background and vision; and provides everything a team leader or member needs in order to deliver a initial training or a follow-up conference. The manuals include conference outlines, sample session plans, and material to support local Rooted in Jesus Coordinators as they oversee the ministry of Rooted in Jesus within their diocese or network.
Rooted in Jesus Team Manual, fourth edition published July 2019.
Rooted in Jesus Junior Team Manual published November 2017.
The Manuals are not on general sale, but are provided to Rooted in Jesus team members and diocesan coordinators. For more information please contact the office.


Decision cover 2017 v2_Page_1

Decision cover 2017 v2 back_Page_1

NEW: Decision: An explanation of what is involved in becoming a Christian – Roger Morgan

Decision is a short booklet designed for anyone who wishes to find out more about how to become a Christian, or who is just starting out on the adventure of faith. It is ideal for use with Alpha or in the context of parish missions and outreach events.Roger has been active in mission and evangelism for many years, and has helped hundreds of people find a living faith. During his time teaching at Cambridge University Roger built up a ministry among both students and townspeople. He also worked in partnership with Through Faith Missions, planning and leading parish missions all over the country. After leaving Cambridge Roger spent 24 years in full time parish ministry in Corby and Leicester, and then with ReSource as a specialist in mission and mentoring. The Mathetes Trust provides support, training and teams for parish missions – if you’d like to find out more just get in touch.
2nd Edition September 2017, A5 format, illustrated – 20pp
To preview on Google Books click here.
We are  able to offer a  discount for bulk purchases – contact us to find out more.

Price £2 paypal

Pack of 10 – £10
outcomes A Vision for your Church: Outcomes of the Spirit – Roger Morgan

We live in a complex and challenging world, with so many choices and often so few resources it’s hard to know where to start. This booklet is designed to help you and your church look critically at what you are doing. It’s a book of questions, not answers, and we hope that as you work through them you will be enabled to come up with your own unique and God-given vision, and a new, shared sense of purpose and direction. It can be used by church leaders and church councils or leadership teams, and further support and advice is available from The Mathetes Trust.
Published 2012,  A5 format, illustrated – 20pp
Available singly, or in a pack for group discussion.
Price £3
Pack of 10 – £20
Stay Evangelism cover 2019 Stay Evangelism: How to reach the people next door – Roger Morgan

Stay Evangelism is written to encourage ordinary Christians to develop a transparent and friendly lifestyle which makes it possible to share their faith unthreateningly and in a servant-hearted way with others.
To preview click here.
1st published 2008. 2nd edition 2019, A5 format, illustrated – 32pp
Price £2
prayer-ministry-web Prayer Ministry: Preparing for your prayer ministry appointment – Alison Morgan

This booklet offers an overview of prayer ministry together with a set of notes and spiritual exercises for use by those preparing to receive it. Members of prayer ministry teams will also find a clear and helpful outline of the various aspects of prayer ministry.
Published 2007, A5 format,  illustrated – 20pp
Price £2
Pack of 10 – £15
knowing-gods-love-cr Knowing God’s Love: A personal meditation – Alison Morgan

Knowing God’s love is a collection of image, poetry, meditation, scriptures, quotations and spiritual advice from writers through the ages who have known what it is to be loved by God.
Published 2007, A5 format, illustrated – 20pp
Price £2
Pack of 10 – £15
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