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The Mathetes Trust is dependent upon your support if it is to fulfil its mission. If you would like to support us you can do so in any of the following ways:


We have a team of people who receive our prayer news and requests. If you would like to join this team please let us know.


Financial support

If you would like to support us financially you can do so in the following ways:
1. Make a donation online by using the button below. This is the best way to make a single payment directly into our account; if you are a taxpayer Gift Aid will be automatically added to your donation. At least, that’s the idea – we haven’t yet got the magic reference number from HMRC, so if you wish to Gift Aid your donation please use option 3 while we try to get this sorted out!


2. Ask your bank to make a regular payment to us by Standing Order – you will find our account details on the Standing Order form. It’s easy to set up a Standing Order online, in the branch, or by post. If you would like to do this please print out and send to us a signed copy of the form which you will find HERE. The form includes a Gift Aid option if you are a taxpayer; ticking this enables us to reclaim an extra 25% from the Inland Revenue.
3. Send us a cheque. If you are a tax payer please download and fill out the Gift Aid form which you will find HERE, and send it to us with your cheque. We will do the rest.

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