Prayer weekends

Why not invite a facilitator or a small team from the Mathetes Trust to spend a day or a weekend with you and your church, with the aim of helping you to gain a greater understanding of how to pray, both individually and when you meet together?


We design these weekends in partnership with you, and we listen to you carefully, because we want this time to address your concerns and your hopes. But here are some of the things that we would hope to bring to you:
Ways for an individual Christian to pray when alone, and so discover the reality of living day by day as a child of God
Ways for a group of Christians to pray together and discover Jesus in their midst
Ways to overflow with thankfulness
Ways to offer praise and worship that pleases God and satisfies our hearts
Ways to hear the word of God
Ways to find direction for our lives
Ways to find direction for our church
Ways to pray for the kingdom to come
Ways to find joy and peace
Ways to pray for another person
Ways to get our needs met through prayer
Ways to move mountains in the name of Jesus
Ways to engage in spiritual warfare
To book a prayer weekend or to talk things through, contact us.


What do people say about our prayer weekends?

“Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us all weekend. I really do appreciate the personal effort that you made on our behalf. We trust and pray to God for fruitfulness over the months ahead.”
“Many thanks for coming to visit us in St John’s. It was a memorable morning.  The number of people seeking prayer and a renewal of their relationship with God tells me how much it meant to the congregation. I really appreciated your words and the time you gave to individuals. I admire your spiritual approach and your stamina.”


Additional prayer resources from the Mathetes Trust:
To find out more about these visit our publications page.