Enlivening Sundays

It is very easy for Sunday services to get into a rut. In some churches there is one way of doing things, and it has changed very little for a long time. Those who go regularly are perfectly comfortable with what happens, and well used to it, and they may well oppose change, especially if the changes proposed are big ones. But a visitor to the church sees something different; the visitor experiences something lifeless, dull, unattractive – and this visitor will probably not return.


At The Mathetes Trust we often visit churches, and we always ask ourselves the following questions:
  • Do the people seem to be in love with God?  Does the praise and worship appear to be heartfelt? Is this reflected in the excellent way in which everything is done?
  • Do the people seem to love one other, often (strangely enough) communicated by laughter? Is this a community at ease with itself?
  • Do the people appear to be devoted to the teaching they are receiving? Is there an expectation that God will speak during the service? Is there encouragement, challenge, enlightenment?
  • Are prayers offered with an expectation that they will be answered? Are there any testimonies?
  • Do the people in this church have a shared mission? Is this mission one which a newcomer could quickly understand and be drawn into?
  • Is there joy, brought about by the evident presence of the Holy Spirit in the service? If we were living locally, would we want to go again?
  • Is there something in the service for people of all ages, including children?
At TMT we encourage clergy to ask these questions for themselves, and to encourage the whole church to ask them.  This is because the church will only flourish when there is a clear ‘yes’ to all these questions.  Sometimes a church will realise that there is a need for change. TMT can be a facilitator of change and walk alongside the church during the change process. To find out more contact us.