Beautiful Lives

Sharing our faith with friends and neighbours

‘Beauty of life causes strangers to join our ranks. We do not talk about great things; we live them’ – Minucius Felix, 160-240 AD


Beautiful Lives is a popular group course which helps church members develop the confidence to share their faith naturally and effectively with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. 1 Peter 3.2-4 speaks of the beauty and reverence which should characterise our lives as Christians, and we believe that it is beautiful lives, lived in the power of the Holy Spirit, which lead others to faith.
Beautiful Lives is contained in a Leader’s Manual, with a separate group member’s booklet containing notes and simple homework exercises. It consists of 8 sessions, offered in a user friendly format with plenty of interaction and discussion, and points towards an accessible, locally planned invitation event to be held after the completion of the course.
What do those who have used Beautiful Lives say about it?
  • ‘It changed the way I looked at people and engaged me differently with the world around me. I have become so much more aware of the possibilities of allowing God to be more clearly present in our interactions.’
  • ‘Meeting with the others was encouraging, comforting and certainly strengthening for my belief. I found a new courage to stand up and be counted.’
  • ‘A response I didn’t quite expect from a casual acquaintance. She expressed an interest and shared her experience of God and church with me. Quite a surprise really!’
  • ‘Much deeper fellowship. Much more willing and able to pray with and for each other. Great experience!’
  • ‘Personally – the pleasure of leading the group! The chance to deepen relationships in my new parish – the growing awareness of their deep spiritual hunger.’
  • ‘We have just finished tonight week 5 of Beautiful Lives and it’s such an inspiring course. We have 14 members and the fellowship is tremendous. They have just put their stories together and it’s a privilege to witness their growth. On young lady is so quiet and shy and yet over these last couple of weeks she’s found herself sharing her faith at work which has astounded her and impacted the group as she’s quietly shared her encounters.’ – Revd Denise Hayes, Litherland
It is the responsibility of every church to engage in evangelism, but many churches and church leaders lack experience of doing this successfully. Beautiful Lives can be the catalyst which will get the church going and convince people that it is not so difficult after all. The course tends to go better if a church involves us right from the start. We can contribute in various ways: by leading the course ourselves, by providing a speaker for an event, or by training the people who will lead small groups. Contact us to find out more.

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Beautiful Lives
can be previewed and ordered from our publications page. It costs £36 for a pack of 1 Leader’s Manual and 10 course member’s booklets. Manual and course books are also available separately.