News from Rooted in Jesus

We have just received a report from the Diocese of Lango, Uganda, where Diocesan Coordinator Ronald Eguny has been visiting some of the Rooted in Jesus groups founded just under a year ago. Ronald reports that there are now groups in 48 parishes, and he shares many testimonies of changed lives from group members– read them here on the  Rooted in Jesus BLOG.
We have also received news from the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar: Revd Pez Raobison writes to say that he has just had the joy of baptising Alpha and his brother, the first two new Christians in Ambositra, where Pez and his wife Louise are using Rooted in Jesus to plant a new church.
Meanwhile Nicole Corlew reports from South Africa that “RinJ Junior continues to be used in the following dioceses: Cape Town, False Bay, St. Mark the Evangelist, Mthatha and Pretoria. The Province has embraced the Decade of Intentional Discipleship initiative, and plans are in place to offer training over the next three years for leaders of Rooted in Jesus, Rooted in Jesus Junior and The God Who is There in each of the Province’s 28 dioceses. We see all of these resources as being integral to discipling people and teaching them to disciple others. We are very excited about the next three years!”
The Anglican Consultative Council made the following formal Resolution last year: ‘In the light of the Gospel and theological imperative to make disciples, the ACC recognizes the need for every province, diocese and parish in the Anglican Communion to adopt a clear focus on intentional discipleship and to produce resources to equip and enable the whole church to be effective in making new disciples of Christ Jesus.’ Rooted in Jesus and The God Who is There are both endorsed by the Report as recommended resources for discipleship training.

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