Parish missions with the Mathetes Trust

As part of our aim to help make disciples in the local church, here at The Mathetes Trust we support and lead parish missions. Roger has been doing this on and off for many years, and the best of these missions have been very fruitful, leading to significant church growth. So far we have two missions planned for 2017, in Purley near Reading starting on September 23rd and in Breaston near Derby starting on October 7th. Beginning with these two missions, we have decided on two innovations in the way that we do things:
  • So far the missions Roger has led have focussed on reaching the families and friends of the local Christians, aiming to reap what those Christians have been sowing, perhaps over many years. While this will still be the principal aim of our missions, starting in Purley we plan to add cold calling to our usual mission week activities, thereby hoping to reach out to some who have never had much contact with Christians. Richard Scott of Through Faith Missions is gifted and experienced in this kind of evangelism and he will lead this aspect of both the planned missions.
  • The team of people leading a mission week has normally consisted entirely of visitors from outside the parish. This year we plan to draw team members from both inside and outside the parish, thus adding a home team to the usual visiting team. We hope to use the mission to provide significant training input for the home team members, expecting that this experience will lead to fruitfulness long after the mission week is over.
This is where we are up to in planning for both Purley and Breaston. If you have time and inclination we would value your continuing prayers as we move these plans forward – please just let us know and we will keep you updated.
A parish mission in Wallington

The practicalities

  • In each place we have recruited a home team of 25 people or more.
  • Richard and Roger will meet with the home team members for the first of three training mornings on April 29th in Purley, and May 6th in Breaston.
  • Each home team member has agreed to host a party during the mission week to which they will invite family and friends to meet members of the visiting team. Preparation for these parties will be an important part of the training programme.
  • Each church has appointed a mission planning group to organise mission week events of many kinds. The planning group will also be responsible for organising prayer support, for publicity, and for taking care of the hospitality to the visiting team. Roger and Richard will soon begin a series of meeting with this group.
  • We will need a visiting team of up to a dozen people for each place and recruitment for this team is soon to begin.

Looking ahead

We are beginning to plan missions for 2018, starting with one in Bedworth near Coventry. If you would like us to send a team to your home church then let us know. More information on our Mission page!
Door to new world
If you open the door… 

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