Making disciples in Kenya

A Rooted in Jesus team has recently returned from the Diocese of Butere, in Kenya, where they led two discipleship conferences at the invitation of Bishop Timothy Wumbunya. The team was led by Revd Richard Morgan (from Philadelphia, US), Revd Capt Joshua Opondo (from the Diocese of Maseno South, Kenya) and Revd John Eldridge (from Wickham Market, UK).  The conferences were hosted by Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara, the Diocesan Executive Secretary for Mission, and attended by a huge turnout of 300 invited delegates – in fact the biggest conference in the history of Rooted in Jesus!
Bishop Tim says: “They seem to have embraced or understood this Rooted in Jesus training, and they seem more determined to go forward and share it with other people, which we haven’t seen before in any of the other courses that we have done – and we have done many other courses! This Rooted in Jesus seems to be the one that has finally helped us turn that corner.”
The team have put together a wonderful video report which you can view by clicking on the image below. To find out more do visit the Rooted in Jesus blog!

Video report image

We are very grateful to the team who went, to the diocese for their careful planning and generous hospitality, to the church of Good Samaritan Philadelphia who helped with the funding, and to all those who prayed for the conferences.
Posted 21st July 2017
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