Mind the Gap!


Making disciples in Africa

We have just published a blog post “Mind the gap!” with recent news from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar, where it seems that all the churches now have Rooted in Jesus Junior groups; children quote memory verses to their congregations, and such is the excitement about the programme that they have made T shirts with the RinJ logo on them to promote it! Read the post here, and enjoy some inspiring personal challenges from those working there.
Toliara 0817 (8)
The newly built Tulear cathedral has become a hub of prayer
Meanwhile in Uganda John Musaasizi continues with his tireless visits to group leaders, this time moving rocks from the road with his bare hands in order to get through in his hired car; on every visit people give their lives to Christ. Why does John go to such lengths? “Rooted in Jesus training multiplies church membership,” he says simply.
1 (58)
Canon John and Canon Edith do not give up easily…
And Nelson Saya has travelled again to the South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda to provide further training for the fledgling Rooted in Jesus groups meeting there – 20 people have given their lives to Christ, and the groups are growing: “Many people are experiencing the power of God at work in their lives during the studies; they are growing strong in their faith, and it has enabled families to put their trust in God.”
Emmanual group Zone two 0618
Rooted in Jesus training in the Zone 2 refugee camp

Making disciples at home

We will write soon with news from our latest parish mission, in Chesterfield. In the meantime we are pleased to announce that we have just reprinted our Beautiful Lives evangelism course, which was a key part of the preparation for the mission – find out more about that here.
Finally, can we commend a new book by Arani Sen, who has seen steady growth among both the English and the Iranian communities in his inner city parish of Upper Armley, Leeds. Arani writes compellingly about how people come to faith when churches pursue a gospel-centred policy of social engagement. It’s called Holy Spirit Radicals: Pentecost, Acts and Changed Society, it offers  a dynamic and contemporary reading of Luke and Acts, and it’s out in July!
We have just released our latest prayer diary, covering the months July to September. If you would like a copy just let us know.