Planting a diocese with Rooted in Jesus

One of the major foci of the Mathetes Trust is the Rooted in Jesus discipleship programme for Africa. We publish and support it, and send teams to train local leaders to use it – for many, the first ministry training they have ever had.


In 2012 Elisha Tendwa, then a pastor in Dar es Salaam, was appointed missionary bishop within the Diocese of Katanga in DR Congo. The diocese covers an area more than twice as big as the entire UK, and Elisha’s task was to grow the church in the eastern region of Kalémie in order to form a new diocese. He got in touch with us to say he would like to use Rooted in Jesus – could we help? We were delighted to accept the invitation. To cut a long story short, the course books were duly adapted into congolese swahili, a team leader was appointed, a series of conferences held, local coordinators trained and Rooted in Jesus groups planted across the diocese.
Six years on, Bishop Elisha has completed his mission and returned home. A couple of weeks ago Alison was able to spend a whole day with him; he was happy both to tell herhis story and to make a short video about it. It’s a remarkable and humbling tale.
You can listen to Bishop Elisha telling the story of Kalémie on Youtube here –
And you can read the full interview on the Rooted in Jesus blog here –
Posted 11th March 2019