Rooted in Jesus goes to Ghana

A Rooted in Jesus team has just returned to the UK from Ghana, where we had been invited by Bishop Felix Annancy to provide the first small group discipleship training for the Diocese of Koforidua. It was a first for Rooted in Jesus too, as Ghana becomes the 17th country to introduce the programme.
RinJ Conference, Kwabeng (96b) (4)
A small group tries out one of the practical demonstrations from Rooted in Jesus Book 1
110 joyful participants turned up to the conference, held in a secondary school in the little town of Kwabeng. We had a wonderful time, with much dancing, singing and laughter as well as a lot of hard work all round. We also attended two celebration services, each lasting nearly 5 hours, and visited Cape Coast Castle, one of Africa’s largest former slave trading posts. That wiped the smiles off our faces, but we were restored by the forgiveness and hospitality offered to us by everyone we met. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our friends in Ghana, and we continue to pray for the new group leaders and for the diocese as it follows through on its determination to grow.
One of the highlights was talking to Augustine, a young man who started off by explaining that he hadn’t wanted to come to the conference at all, and then…..  We’ll leave you to read the blog report to find out more – click here.
It goes without saying that we are immensely grateful to all who made this trip possible – to David Archer, Colin Cooper and Max Cross who joined the team, and to their churches; and to those who offered the prayerful and financial support which underpins everything we do.
Kwabeng, Ghana (52)
Team members Colin, Max and David
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Posted by Alison Morgan, 6th September 2019