Hitting the headlines in Malawi

Many of our partners in the Rooted in Jesus family have been writing with updates on their work. There is much to tell, not least from the Diocese of Kajo Keji in South Sudan where Rooted in Jesus groups have now been established in the Ugandan refugee camps, and we will bring you an update on that soon.
In the meantime we have just posted a report from the Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi. This is a diocese with just 62 clergy, serving 286 churches. Bishop Brighton Malasa introduced Rooted in Jesus in 2015, and invited us to return to facilitate a follow-up conference earlier this year. RinJ is used for evangelism, especially among Muslims, and for church groups and confirmation classes.
Upper Shire 02.17 (1b)
The 2017 Rooted in Jesus conference hosted in Chilema by Bishop Brighton Malasa
Bishop Brighton writes:
I am happy to report that Rooted in Jesus has seen its roots indeed going deeper. The Reverend Father Edward Kawinga and the Reverend Father Elliot Litereko are doing a great job. We are happy and glad that the laity of this Diocese can be given such a chance to undertake theological studies in their local parishes which was perceived as for the ordained ministers. When I visit the parishes I have seen people gathering and undergoing these training on Saturdays and Sundays after Mass. I am delighted to see such progress. I am convinced that if people (the laity) are rooted in Jesus having undergone these trainings, we shall have both the laity and clergy rich spiritually which will lessen the tasks of our priests as we shall have knowledgeable faithfuls. Please continue praying for us.
The Diocese of Upper Shire has a vision for discipleship and proclamation of the Gospel. It struggles with the usual challenges of finance, distance, illiteracy and the vagaries of the rains and the harvests. And yet its people are growing in faith, served by the commitment of the clergy of the diocese, not least the coordinators Fr Elliot Litereko and  Fr Edward Kawinga. It is a privilege to serve them.
To catch up on the news – and find out what the headlines are! – please check out the Rooted in Jesus blog here.

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