A new EQUIP group in North Wales

An important part of the work of the Mathetes Trust is the groups that form part of our EQUIP programme. The idea is to bring together a number of church leaders who are all working in the same geographical area, three times a year, for a one day seminar led by one of our EQUIP group leaders. Each EQUIP meeting follows a specific theme or topic, explored through a specially written booklet. The leader also acts as a mentor to each of the group members; this means getting involved in the ministry of each church in whatever way is considered most helpful.
This is to let you know that John Benson, one of our associates, has just opened a new EQUIP group in North Wales involving many churches that are struggling to grow in challenging circumstances. The group members are leading churches at various places along the A55 from Anglesey to Chester and south from Chester on the A483. The first session took the title “Focus on the Lord” – a call to refocus on the Lord amid challenges that can seem overwhelming. The Lord’s presence, the Lord’s plan and the Lord’s power are the key to a ministry that grows in fruitfulness. Please do pray that this new group will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God and result in many more people becoming disciples of Jesus Christ in North Wales.
John himself spent many years working in Singapore as Vicar of St George’s. During John’s time St George’s grew and grew,  so John has much experience of what God can do – albeit in a rather different environment to North Wales. John was also one of the first mission pioneers to take the gospel into Cambodia. John and Anita  are now retired and living in Chester.
If you would like to find out more about our EQUIP program or about John please do visit our EQUIP page.
Posted 25th June 2017

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